Many of my non-fashion industry friends conveniently assume that just because I work for fashion , they can get their wedding lehenga made free of cost. So first of all , to all the freeloaders out there…working for fashion industry does not mean doing embroidery on your lehenga.Neither does it mean giving free makeover tips to change your dorky personal style. You should understand that just because a miniscule fraction amongst our IT infested population works for fashion, doesn’t make them the Holy Grail of Fashion. I’Ll tell you why. For this you first need to understand the types of people you would meet at a fashion office.

(Statutory warning:Below are snippets from my personal observation of people while working with the fashion industry. Sorry ex-colleagues, if you happen to find uncanny similarities to the below characters,  please consider this post a work of pure fiction)

The Dumb belle from South Del:  The GK chick whose mumma is a designer (Read: trophy wife in disguise) and pappa is some stinking rich businessman. She is the girl who incessantly complaints about being a ‘moti’ and tries to deceive her size 8 body into size 2 clothes. If only talking gibberish burnt calories! She is also the girl who brags about her boyfraand getting her a Chanel on her birthday. Just wanna scream, ‘Hey that’s so faatch’

The Gym Femme: The workout addict who never dares to say the ‘You-know-what’ wOrd fearing an extra ‘You-know-what’ by the mere utterance of ‘You-know-what’. Open her dabba during lunch and you can probably rechristen her as the ‘Bear Grylls of the plant kingdom’

The Haunty: The haunting 40s something aunty with the seven year ‘hitch’. She might even forget to bring her laptop but never her menopausal hormones

The Missfit: The two most intriguing questions in life to me are: How did Trump become president? Does anyone have an answer-no. How did some people land in a fashion job? Do I have an answer-no. These are the people who wear ‘Pama’ the Indian cousin of ‘Puma’ , a rare species of black panther that jumps to the right in T-shirts sold in Indian hawker markets. I have one logic as to how these people got hired. Perhaps, they won a lottery which gave them employment as a lucky prize

The Gayshionista: Probably the only type in this whole list that actually deserves a place in the office. Dressed to the nines, these guys are always impeccable. However, you always feel so judged in front of them. If you think girls working for fashion are always dolled up, please note it’s not for their boyfriends to praise them or for their other colleagues to envy them. It is only for their gay colleagues to stop judging them.But guys you should also understand that it’s so daunting to get an A+ from your Gayshion report card everyday.

Okay, with this I’ll wrap up my post for today (cos I got lazy). Hope you will think twice before asking fashion advice from your so called fashionista friends. That being said, I guess I have earned enough bad karma for slandering my colleagues and ex-colleagues. I’m definitely going to hell .






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